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Inside Quest Partnership

Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information, is entering its third season as a proud partner in health of the New York Giants. Through this hands-on, dynamic partnership, Quest has become an invaluable member of the Giants organization, providing not only medical and sports diagnostic services and information, but also incorporating a holistic approach to the team’s health and wellness both on and off the field. Quest and the Giants also work together to support health awareness programs and meet health needs in our local communities.

What Does It Take To Power a NY Giant?

Blueprint for Athletes

The Giants and Quest have worked together to develop new ways to use laboratory diagnostic information to improve the health and performance of athletes of all ages and abilities. The Blueprint for Athletes service offers customized testing packages that evaluate blood-based health markers to provide personalized data provided to athletes, including details on what the health markers are, how they relate to sports physiology, and within what areas athletes should seek improvement. The Giants have incorporated the Quest Diagnostics Blueprint for Athletes diagnostic service into its training protocols to provide personalized insights to improve players' athletic performance---- helping the team train not just harder, but smarter. Quest expects to launch the new service nationally by 2016. To learn more about Blueprint for Athletes, please follow us on Facebook, Blueprint for Athletes.

Team Health

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